Johnathon Martin - Aug 30, 2019

Schools in the cloud - Preston Primary

Preston Primary is in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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“Working collaboratively is magical, we can share documents and work on them together, in real time! Staff are able to work from anywhere, on any device, and complete tasks as if they are in school. We moved over to PTCloud to simply replace our hardware, but are finding new benefits every single day, all thanks to the help and support of PrimaryTec. Their knowledgeable team have delivered excellent service and training, allowing us to use new technology right across our school.”
Terri Coates, Headteacher


The Challenge

Preston Primary School as the trend goes with many primary schools, had ageing equipment that was beginning to fail, stopping teachers and leaders from completing their tasks. As a forward thinking school, the school wanted a plan to update all of their hardware, but their budgets did not allow to replace equipment in a like for like basis. Upon consultation with one of our education consultants alongside our cloud readiness audit, PrimaryTec helped Preston Primary by mapping out multiple budgetary options for refreshing their current ICT systems. Like most schools Preston Primary were currently on a 5 year refresh cycle, a cycle which was seeing technology become less utilised throughout the school.

What is a cloud readiness audit?

PrimaryTec’s cloud readiness audit reviews your schools entire ICT systems including software and front of classroom technology. From this information we can quickly map out and project your estimated spend and compare this to your current budget. Our education consultants who work daily with schools, can then advise on the options available to you inline with your requirements.

What is PTCloud?

PTCloud is our ultimate educational hosting platform. Our cloud architects have designed and developed a unique and powerful hosting platform which merges the benefits of both Microsoft and Google, allowing the vital departments within a school to make the most out of the cloud technology.

PTCloud alleviates the requirement for onsite servers and enables users to work anywhere and at any time. As part of PTCloud, all users are distributed with new devices, these devices are configured and managed by the PTCloud hosting platform and are refreshed every 3 years, no devices are older than 3 years on the PTCloud hosting platform.

The unique features within PTCloud include allows schools to budget up to nine years in advance whilst ensuring technology is refreshed every three. It also provides an average cost saving of 20% compared to the current spend.

How does the technology look at Preston now

Preston initially wanted to replace all their hardware to ensure things worked smoothly and reliably.

By using Chromebooks for teachers and staff, they have devices that are built to last, with no long updates, security built in, and the ability to work securely from anywhere.

The children are able to utilise SSO (Single Sign On) to speed up the login process, and the teachers use G Suite for Education to create engaging tasks and enhance learning.

The school also see added benefits, such as collaboration. Moving to the cloud means staff can work on documents together, from any location, on any device. This makes sharing planning, creating resources, and working on policies much easier and more efficient.

Preston have already began to look to the future by replacing many old, outdated software with new and exciting resources from the web, and are no longer tied into devices until they grind to a halt as the 3 year hardware refresh will mean they are always on the latest equipment.

Benefits to the school
• Secure, unlimited file storage with access to files securely from any device.
• Shared calendars for collaboration
• Google Classroom to connect to students in school and out of school, share resources and interact in real time.
• Secure email, including file exposure threats, encryption, spam and malware classification and actionable security recommendations.
• More devices for pupils and update devices for staff
• 3 year refresh on devices- no old technology
• 8 second load time on Chromebooks
• Single Sign-On between G Suite, Office 365, MIS and all subscription-based apps
• Online training platform
• Greater collaboration on any file
• Enhanced student engagement
• One fixed price for IT support, hardware, training and development
• Future proof their infrastructure
• Increased IT usage across school
• No change for admin staff- still have a Windows desktop experience
• Easier way of working
• Greater curriculum opportunities

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Written by Johnathon Martin

A former teacher, SLT member and IT lead, now Google Certified Trainer looking after our clients as head of the Client Success Team