Johnathon Martin - Aug 30, 2019

Schools in the cloud - St Hybald's Academy

St Hybald’s Academy in North Lincolnshire.

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“Moving to PTCloud, one of the best decisions our senior leadership team has ever made”
Anthony Wells, Executive Deputy Head


The Challenge
St Hybald’s is a Multi-Academy Trust with three members. Like most modern MATs, they had a desire to work collaboratively across multiple sites in a streamlined and easy to use manner. PrimaryTec completed a detailed ICT audit and as a result of their ICT audits alongside the customer’s requirements, it was identified a move to PTCloud would be advantageous to ensure their multiple physical sites appear as one.

What is PTCloud?
PTCloud is our ultimate multi-tenant, all-encompassing, educational hosting platform. Our cloud architects have designed and developed a unique and powerful hosting platform which merges the benefits of Microsoft Azure, Google Classroom and Office 365 thereby allowing the vital departments within a school to make the most out of the whole system.

The unique features within PTCloud include allowing schools to budget up to nine years in advance whilst ensuring technology is refreshed every three. It also has all the required elements of the school's technology system, including end-user devices.

PTCloud alleviates the requirements for on-premise servers and because every subscriber receives new end-user devices every three years it ensures your technology is constantly updated without the need for repeated capital expenditure on depreciating assets. PTCloud ensures technology throughout the school is of a high standard and is highly available.

Why is PTCloud good for Collaborative working?
The schools were able to remove on-site servers at their individual sites and replace these with the PTCloud solution under a solution to convert a multi-tenant site into a single tenant feel, whilst keeping their individual identities via their own domains. By using a single tenant, staff can access all their data relevant to them via the use of team cloud drives, so no matter which site they are working from, their files are accessible. This also means that school staff can share files and collaborate on them effectively with members of staff who are at another location and remove the need for ineffective version control and storage of documents. Senior Leadership Team members can collaborate on projects such as School Development plans from any device, anywhere.

Why is this a benefit to St Hybald's?
The Academy consists of 2 small primary schools and a nursery setting. The 2 primary school sites are very different, with different budgets. Both previously had some out of date technology, and staff who worked at both sites struggled with multiple accounts and not being able to access data when moving between sites.

With staff working at either site it makes sharing and accessing documents a lot easier now their data is cloud-based whilst still keeping the school’s identity for each site.

The schools benefit from using mainly cloud-based software; their MIS is cloud-based which means accessing and dealing with pupil data can also be achieved from any location in a secure way.

Benefits to the school
• Three sites are now one
• Secure, unlimited file storage with access to files securely from any device.
• Shared calendars for collaboration
• Google Classroom to connect to students in school and out of school, share resources and interact in real time.
• Secure email, including file exposure threats, encryption, spam and malware classification and actionable security recommendations.
• More devices for pupils
• 3 year refresh on devices - no old technology
• 8 second load time on Chromebooks
• Single Sign-On between G Suite, Office 365, MIS and all subscription-based apps
• Online training platform
• Greater collaboration on any file
• Enhanced student engagement
• One fixed price for IT support, hardware, training and development
• Future proof their infrastructure
• Increased IT usage across school
• No change for admin staff - still have a Windows desktop experience

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Written by Johnathon Martin

A former teacher, SLT member and IT lead, now Google Certified Trainer looking after our clients as head of the Client Success Team