Mike Corlyon - Aug 30, 2019

Schools in the cloud - Wilberfoss Primary School

Wilberfoss Primary School,  East Yorkshire

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“We are now completely cloud-based thanks to PrimaryTec; takes some getting used to but the advantages of 

Google G-Suite are brilliant.”

Kris Henderson, Headteacher


Wilberfoss Primary School’s server was becoming end of life and was starting to struggle with the requested workload. As one of our existing managed service sites, prior to ordering a new on-premise solution, a member of our education consulting team discussed a longer-term strategy with Wilberfoss Primary to ensure that the school was ready for the ever-changing technology landscape within Education.

One of our Education consultants helped Wilberfoss Primary by mapping out two 5 year strategies based on their current IT equipment; An on-premise solution and a cloud-based solution. It became quickly apparent to WIlberfoss Primary that the pros of a cloud-based strategy outway the pros of the on-premise solution.

Schools of today are often in a 5-year buying cycle when it comes to technology. This is because the cost of the existing on-premise server and Windows-based devices along with the associated maintenance costs are collectively a high spend. By moving over to a cloud way of working, it allows schools to utilise cloud-based devices such as Chromebooks and hosted servers, which when configured correctly, comes with cost savings.Wilberfoss Primary School opted to take the PTCloud solution over both an on-premise solution and a sole Google Chromebook deployment

What is PTCloud?

PTCloud is our ultimate educational hosting platform. Our cloud architects have designed and developed a unique and powerful hosting platform which merges the benefits of both Microsoft and Google, allowing the vital departments within a school to make the most out of the cloud technology.

PTCloud alleviates the requirement for onsite servers and enables users to work anywhere and at any time. As part of PTCloud, all users are distributed with new devices, these devices are configured and managed by the PTCloud hosting platform and are refreshed every 3 years, no devices are older than 3 years on the PTCloud hosting platform.

The unique features within PTCloud include allows schools to budget up to nine years in advance whilst ensuring technology is refreshed every three. It also provides an average cost saving of 20% compared to the current spend.

Why did Wilberfoss opt for PTCloud over a traditional cloud solution?

Traditional out of the box cloud solutions like Google Chromebooks and Microsoft Surface Go/Pros are by default, tied to the manufacturer’s software of choice, in this case, Chrome OS and Microsoft Windows. In schools, where job roles are split between administrative tasks and teaching and learning, there is no one solution fits all. The clever bit - PTCloud allows users to work on their platform of choice whilst still been able to share files and seamlessly collaborate!

How is technology helping Wilberfoss Primary today?

Kris and teachers at Wilberfoss Primary can often be found interacting on social media discussing and enhancing their cloud technology skills. Lessons now involve lots of collaboration, quicker access to the technology as the machines are faster and use Wonde Magic Badges to speed up the process for the youngest children, and better engagement.Staff collaborate on documents more effectively, meaning planning and school development is much more time effective, and the school are able to manage their files much more efficiently, meaning no multiple versions of the same file with confusing dates and version numbers.The whole school can access these files from anywhere, on any device, in a secure way, and the pupils can complete homework tasks and learn outside the classroom via their Google for Education accounts.

Benefits to the school

  • Secure, unlimited file storage with access to files securely from any device. 
  • Shared calendars for collaboration
  • Google Classroom to connect to students in school and out of school, share resources and interact in real-time.
  • Secure email, including file exposure threats, encryption, spam and malware classification and actionable security recommendations.
  • More devices for pupils
  • 3-year refresh on devices- no old technology
  • 8 second load time on Chromebooks
  • Greater collaboration on any file
  • Enhanced student engagement
  • One fixed price for IT support, hardware, training and development
  • Future proof their infrastructure
  • Increased IT usage across the school
  • No change for admin staff- still have a Windows desktop experience 
  • An easier way of working
  • Greater curriculum opportunities
  • Single-Sign-On between G Suite, Office 365, MIS and all subscription-based apps

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