Johnathon Martin - Nov 12, 2019

New Prowise 10 released for education

Prowise Presenter 10 is a fantastic tool to accompany you on your cloud journey. As a web hosted piece of education technology software, that is FREE! for everyone to use, it allows you to work on any device from anywhere to access your lesson resources. 

Prowise have developed this software to work on touchscreen front of class displays, on any tablet, laptop, chromebook or touch table. It will even work on those old fashioned projectors, however many schools are looking to replace these as part of wider IT strategy. 

The software itself is intuitive and easy to use, and allows users to import many of their current resources, such as SMART notebook files, powerpoints, pdfs, and more.

When in Prowise, there is a vast suite of interactive resources, similar to the old ITP websites from many years ago, along with some brand new 3D tools.

Inserting images is much easier in Prowise 10, simply drag and drop them in! 

All of the old features from Prowise 9 are either in there now, or will be added via updates, as as web based software, these updates will happen automatically, without the need for a long wait.

There is a whole host of features to assist with tricky topics, such as time, fractions, computing and even Roman history.

Interactive tools allow teachers to share their presentations with children, who can "join in" with the lesson on their tablets, chromebooks or mobile devices. ProConnect is another free addition to a great piece of software. This stops the need for children to write ideas on whiteboards then rub them out- eliminating evidence! With Prowise and ProConnect, everything is saved to the lesson presentation.

The images below shows some examples of Prowise 10.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 08.26.50

Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 08.28.40

Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 08.26.14

Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 08.28.25

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Written by Johnathon Martin

A former teacher, SLT member and IT lead, now Google Certified Trainer looking after our clients as head of the Client Success Team